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A multiplatinum Engineer, Producer, Composer, and certified Protools Expert, Jim holds advanced degrees in physics, electrical engineering, and computer science with over 150 patents issued and pending in the fields of aerospace, computer science and medicine.


He has an extensive 12 year study at The Juilliard School in composition, conducting, and piano performance. He is also editor of over 7 textbooks including the text books on counterpoint and open score editions of Bach Golderg Variations, Well-Tempered Clavier, Inventions and Sinfonias, and Clavier-Buchen.


 He is the founder of Ithaco Space Systems, Realtime Data Intellectual Property Licensing, and Curemark.


Boards include: Salon De Virtuosi, Hope Foundation for Children, as well as, an airline Transport Pilot and Instructor and Airship Captain.

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