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By Dr. Kathy Reilly Fallon & Frank Pellegrino

Foreword by Father Gerard Critch

llustrated Song Book & CD by Becky Kelly

Genres: Kids/Family/ Lullabies/ Classical

Released: 2006

© Copyright Heavenly Productions Foundation


Open your mind and soothe your soul with these gentle bedtime melodies. These sweet and enchanting lullabies are heaven sent to help parents embrace their precious little ones and create a peaceful and relaxing home. We believe it is the right of all children to be safe, cared for and loved. With your help, we can bring lullabies to children in need everywhere. Sweet Dreams…

Heavenly Skies & Lullabies~Illustrated Song Book & CD is an Award Winning Children’s book and CD.


Musicians: Andrew Bauer, Piano and Flute; Thomas Bitondo, Piano; Robert Cartolano, Wind Controller; Dr. Kathy Reilly Fallon, Vocals; Kenneth A. Farnum, Piano; Keith O’Neill, Violin; Frank Pellegrino, Vocals
Music Arrangements: Andrew Bauer, Thomas Bitondo, James J. Fallon, Kenneth A. Farnum




Dragon Pencil Awards for Children’s Books~Gold Medal for Superior Illustrations
Awarded December 8, 2006


IPPY Award Independent Publishers Book Award~Bronze Medal–Children’s Interactive Book.
Awarded June 1, 2007


New York Book Festival Awards~Honorable Mention
Awarded June 23, 2007


1st Annual Moonbeam Children’s Book Award~Gold Medal for Best Illustrations by Becky Kelly
1st Annual Moonbeam Children’s Book Award~Bronze Medal for Best Children’s Book with Music

Awarded October 18, 2007




From Westchester Library System 
by Judith Rovenger— Youth Services 5/2016


I did have the opportunity to both read and listen to "Heavenly Skies and Lullabies," and was charmed by both the book and its selections and the accompanying CD with your beautiful music and lovely arrangements. What a lovely gift you have given to children and families with this book.  



From Publishers Weekly 
by Staff — Publishers Weekly, 3/12/2007


Heavenly Skies & Lullabies features physician Kathy Reilly Fallon and restaurateur Frank Pellegrino wearing their performers’ hats and lending their voices to spare arrangements of 11 soothing lullabies for this book-and-CD package. All net proceeds from the project will go to World Vision, a Christian relief organization, specifically for the Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund. The illustrated book contains a foreword by Father Gerard Critch of the Diocese of Venice, Fla., and also includes a number of brief, child-friendly prayers as well as music and lyrics for each selection.



From Roberta On The Art 
by Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower— 11/12/2006


This illustrated song book, another philanthropic venture of the Fallons and friends, has some of the most exquisite color drawings, by Becky Kelly, designed to enchant both children and adults alike. With eleven delightful songs and lullabies, some renowned, such as Rock-a-Bye, Baby and Hush Little Baby, and some lesser known, such as Cradle Song and Golden Slumbers, children and guardians can follow along, page by page, verse by verse, and sing, hum, or listen to richly recorded renditions. Dr. Kathy Fallon has a professionally vocal quality, nurturing and comforting, in clear, precise lyrics. Frank Pellegrino, film star of Goodfellas and Manhattan Murder Mystery, restaurateur, and actor in The Sopranos, must be heard in his excellent performance as narrator of Spoken Prayer, in tandem with Dr. Fallon, and as vocalist in Little Man, You’ve Had a Busy Day. He speaks and sings with strong, soothing sensuality and persuasive persona.


Ivan Mitsyk


The lullabies on the CD are sung from the heart. The lyrics are soothing and there is a nice melody throughout the CD. As an artist, I must say the illustrations are extraordinary. This is the best lullaby book/cd, I have come across in my lifetime.


Erin Kelly-Allshouse


Open your mind and soothe your soul with these bedtime melodies. From Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and Hush Little Baby to the Gaelic Cradle Song, and Toora, Loora, Loora. You will feel the tranquility and peace while listening as you put your child to bed with these songs. Illustrations and 11 songs from the book come together in an accompanying CD in the back of the book.

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